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Not another picture,

its just a picture-book, silly.

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ABOUT ME; This is me, i am a sound waiting to be heard, a word waiting to be read. i am weak and beauty sleeps in weakness.
PVSS; you are my girls, my life. what would i have become without you? you help me stand and keep me from falling. forever we will be the combination love life. love, penis, vagina, sex and std. catselpareemesamee
CIRCLE CIRLCE CIRLCE; a circle is round, it has no end, thats how longi want to be your friend. abby, abzy, teeny, carl basically i love you all to death. you know it. we rock. i cant wait tell we all get together again. you rock basically forever.
DAIVIS CAKES AND NICK NICK;you guys are the best father and two borthers a kid could ask for. i love making trips to s'bucks with nick nick and davis, i loe watching sappy movies with Cakes. you rock you are my everything. lets try and keep it that way.
CREDIT; Thank igniite for my info layout