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You are the sunshine of my life another Shakespeare of your time Your like a ribbon in the sky you are a poet's endless rhyme You take me to a higher ground then you knock me off my feet Lately I been thinking 'bout you, cause you been creeping in my dreams REFRESH INFORMATION FRIENDS WEBSITE

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[May 12 2008]
im leaving i cant take it anymore.

bye sam.

[May 1 2008]

this is my new home. isnt it lovely?

Posted using TxtLJ [April 26 2008]
seven tomorow. I have to study all day. So im going to get on that. Laters, scout

Posted using TxtLJ [April 26 2008]
it feels really good to be home. I got to see Nikki today, which made me really happy. I miss her so much when she is away. I come back to school at

Posted using TxtLJ [April 25 2008]
overall tonight was a great night. I just really want my boy to come home from work and be with me. I miss him alot.

[April 25 2008]
roomate = gone

so im here alone after sels party.

i feel good. i feel complete. and the one thing that i really want i wont have.

SCARY [April 25 2008]
i am the girl who will never be ready for a more serious relationship. no kids. no commitment. nothing.  i'm going to get old and have to live with my cats. well, dogs really because i hate cats. eventually everything will leave me because i dont want to settle in.

thats the real problem with me. i dont want to settle.  the funny thing is, thats the worst of my real problems. but to alot of people here, thats a big problem. 

what scares me most is you want to play the soilder in the movies who goes off and has his love at home. you romanticized war. thats why i dont watch movies. and i only read books about real-life. my love for you will falter while you are away. thats how it works. if i cant see/touch/feel it, its like it was never there to me. ats a safeguard.

like i said, no commitment for me. so when you go remember that i love you. and when you come back, remember that whatever happens (if you make this decision) was because im not a big enough person to keep promises. i cant expect you to keep them either. its just better if we both don't.

but every morning i wake up you will still make me smile.  and i hope we never get into this what-if situation. because even though im a bitch, i feel like given the chance i could be worse.

forgive me for this.

[April 21 2008]
Just finished my second term paper.  Be proud. i can write about scientific things and not sound like a complete dumbass.

this is deadweek. it is not really deadweek here. it is a pretend deadweek.

finals next week. and time with carebear. yeah. it will be good

oh yes, i will be sad. my ladies are going back to jersey and india, only CATS will be staying. shes off to Lowell. and yes, i do pronounce it right.

<3 you and your bitchassness.

[April 19 2008]

this is crazy.  havent been here in a while. havent decided if i enjoy being back yet. 


fuck off. 


hey. [April 16 2008]
oh shit. it looks like im back.
guess what. little writer type has found her old home again!
i missed this.

more soon


[June 1 2006]
add it fuckers.

[May 9 2006]
whatever happened to sam being your hell? why must you hate me so? nothing was ever worth it anyway.

no you poo face. you may not have my boyfriend. yes you may borrow him. i cant wait till you come hang out with us again. oaky okay okay. see you soon pimp <3

see you there <3

[May 3 2006]
im sorry you had to beat me up like that again. you cought me off guard. but i wont take it back. i told you, we had an amazing friendship that im not sorry for, but weve changed. i see no reason to talk about it. and im sorry i hurt you.

i know i dont have much to say for myself. i have an odd group of people. two of the three main guys in my life are gay, so my life isnt getting very far. the person who could be considered my best friend should be the one peson i hate. your still in my cereal bowl too it seems.

i wont pick up the phone again. i never wanna cry and feel shitty about my bad past. ive never admitted to being a good person, and i wont say i am now.
because im not.
im really not.

[April 12 2006]
[ mood | this is bliss ]

bye bye kids... comment if you need to find me... ill tell you wheres to look.


[March 16 2006]
well. i went out with corey tonight. <3 even though im grounded he talked my daddy out of it for one day. which was nice. he tooke me out to dinner (he paid) we hung out with glenda and then we listend to music for like four hours until i fell asleep and then i wet home. it was a grand night.

tina- i will have to see you next time im ungrounded and yu are home, we will have a sleepover at my house okay? kay. i <3 you.

[March 13 2006]
kids guess what?
yes comments are screened quit asking why.

i did it. finally. <3

[March 6 2006]
so im re doing my lj.
who wants to stay?

[March 2 2006]
im really tired.
i think i just need to not go to school tommorow.
but whatever.

so alex came ans saw me at work the other night. it was nice. hes so good.

[February 25 2006]
you piss me off so bad sometimes. so bad. you knwo it too. that stunt you pulled last night. making me cry like that. son of a.... anyway. its okay now. at least you finally called to tell me where you were.im sorry i was upset. at least we didnt yell. and im sorry you felt bad for making me cry but your such a punk sometimes. and then you go and make it all better. and then you say things like you in love with me and i generally hate that. i dont know if you mean it or ot. but i guess im not supposed to know if you mean it. its like this trust thing. im working hard, but you make it ten times harder. its okay cuz i love you.

quiestion for the ages
whats goin on

[February 23 2006]
so. here it goes. i woke up at three. im an m- azing friend. no quiestions asked. had a few nightmares about the three conversation. and if that dream happened in real life i'd be a little upset. then i had a dream about band. for some reason the whole band was sitting in the front row, and the cyms were playing mello. idk why. and for some reason i had a baritone in my locker... broken at that.

fought with james. im sure thats what two certain people would love to hear. at least they cant find me here. its okay. it was my fault, i was in a bad mood. he just wanted to give a damn and i didnt want him to.

i didnt get all my homework done because im sick.

the girls are easy,
and the drugs come cheap.


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